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Our Team

Kerry Thomas (Founder)


Twitter: @thomasherding


Like many, from an early age Kerry found himself with a strong affinity for all things in nature. Kerry grew up in Southeastern PA in the U.S., the youngest of three boys. Immersed in a country setting, exploring the natural world was a daily experience and encouraged by his parents. Color blind, his investigations of this world adopted a fascination with the intricacies of not how it presented itself visually, but how it communicated itself emotionally. From this perspective Kerry embarked on what has become a lifelong journey of discovery. Kerry as a young adult began writing poetry and novels, but never lost his passion for lifting the veil of

the unknowns. Kerry plunged himself in Mother Natures’ classroom. Drawn to the wilds of the AmericanWest to observe and study predator/prey relationships, it was the wild mustangs that captured his passion. Color blindness opened the road for him to learn how to identify individual horses through their unique manner of emotional communication and thenceforward a lifelong study of herd dynamics was begun. Fast forward through the years of continued research, Kerry’s work and its positive impact slowly weaved through the equine industry worldwide. Releasing a book in 2012, Kerry took a break from writing books to advance the work in herd dynamics and align the natural horse with the domestic world for all disciplines. Publishing many papers and having developed innovative evaluation and coaching tools, Kerry is considered by many the equine industries pioneer in equine psychology. His groundbreaking work includes: sensory soundness mapping, behavioral genetic breeding protocols, leading research into emotional stress and equine PTSD and countless unique herd dynamic evaluation tools etc., Kerry’s motto is Herd Dynamics Matter, every horse, every discipline, everywhere. Kerry has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and is often quoted in major publications like the Los Angeles Times. He and business partner Pete Denk have used herd dynamic profiling to consistently identify Kentucky Derby top tier horses and several winners since 2011. THT Bloodstock helps clients around the world reach the highest levels of their sport by identifying the natural herd dynamic characteristics required of them to perform, for the operating system, runs the machine. A new seminar and clinic series, “Ride With Fluency” is available for 2023 and Kerry has begun the process of writing new books. You can connect with Kerry on FB and Instagram or on Twitter@thomasherding & subscribe to his YouTube channel. “I consider herd dynamics a study in the emotional arts; like music spans both time and space, so does the emotional connection between man and nature.” ~Kerry

Teaming up with now THT Director of Equine Services & partner, Pete Denk, THT's international popularity continues to grow from sales to trouble-shooting underachievers, where profiling “who the horse is” in all of their unique character traits and tendencies helps clients at sales as well as assessing underachievers.

Pete Denk

(Director of Equine Services)

Phone: (859) 699-7890 (Cell)


Twitter: @petedenk


Pete Denk graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in communications and is an award-winning journalist. He worked for Thoroughbred Times from 2005 to 2011 and was the Auctions Editor for his final three years at the Lexington Publication. In addition to heading up THT's Bloodstock Division, Pete produces many of THT's reports including the annual Kentucky Derby Analysis.

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